“The Case Of The Lady Of The Dunes” #MurderNoir

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THE TRUE CASE THIS STORY IS BASED ON In the summer of 1974 Provincetown MA was shaken by the discovery of a woman s body near one of its famous beaches Nicknamed The Lady of the Dunes her identity remained a mystery for nearly fifty years Police found her with crushed skull missing hands and removed teeth likely to prevent identification The case sparked numerous theories including possible connections to a serial killer or a background role in the movie Jaws Despite exhaustive efforts and multiple exhumations no definitive leads emerged for decades In October 2022 the FBI finally identified the Lady of the Dunes as Ruth Marie Terry through investigative genealogy A year later authorities named her husband Guy Rockwell Muldavin as her killer Muldavin who had a history of violence and was suspected in other deaths had died in 2002 leaving many questions unanswered The identification of Terry and the resolution of the case brought some closure to a mystery that had haunted the Cape Cod community for decades SOURCES Jim Rowley for Unspeakable Crimes Ranker https weirddarkness tiny us 33cjkhscMurder Noir music provided by Alibi Music Library Over time links seen above may become invalid disappear or have different content I always make sure to give authors credit for the material I use whenever possible If I somehow overlooked doing so for a story or if a credit is incorrect please let me know and I will rectify it in these show notes immediately Some links included above may benefit me financially through qualifying purchases I have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness John 12 46 WeirdDarkness is a registered trademark Copyright 2024 Weird Darkness Originally aired June 10 2024Click here to visit this podcast episode

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