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The PROVEN Process To Building A Dream Lifestyle Business With Transformational Speaker And Business Mentor, Leah Notarianni

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Do you ever feel like your business is running you instead of you running your business We get it It s easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget why you started in the first place That s why we re so excited to share the latest episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast featuring none other than Leah Notarianni co-founder and CEO of Legacy and Leverage In this insightful episode Leah dives deep into the importance of alignment and leverage in business She shares how carving out alone time and reflecting on your intentions can ground your day and set you up for success Leah explains how Legacy and Leverage transform the lives and businesses of industry leaders through live events group programs and certifications She emphasizes designing the life you want to live and ensuring your business supports that vision It s all about aligning your goals with your actions Leah s journey is a testament to prioritizing values and non-negotiables to enjoy the process and avoid sacrificing happiness for success Her insights are a must-listen for anyone looking to take their business and life to the next level Tune in to hear Leah s invaluable advice and start aligning your business with your desired lifestyle today Trust me you won t want to miss this Catch the episode now and let s start creating the life and business you ve always dreamed of In this episode we cover 00 00 Organic Growth and Audience Validation02 10 Specific Calls to Action and Lead Generation03 38 Cold Traffic and Healthy Attribution08 35 Prioritizing Values and Non-Negotiables11 32 Aligning Your Business with Your Desired Lifestyle04 21 The Importance of Routine and Process17 59 Alignment Before Clarity20 08 Investing in Personal Development and Learning from Others Mistakes23 32 Creating Processes and Systems for Leverage59 04 Happy Hustle Hacks Health Money Entrepreneurship Spirituality 01 01 Rapid-fire questionsWhat does Happy Hustlin mean to you Leah says Happy Hustle for me means that I m doing the work that I really love every day And I m in alignment with my purpose and my passion and my values And I m working hard and doing all the right things but I m enjoying the process and I really am enjoying my life in a really blessed way Connect with Leahhttps www instagram com leahnotariannihttps www facebook com leahnotarianni1Find Leah on her website www leahnotarianni comConnect with Cary https www instagram com cary jack https www facebook com SirCaryJackhttps www linkedin com in cary-jack-kendzior https twitter com thehappyhustlehttps www youtube com channel UCFDNsD59tLxv2JfEuSsNMOQ featured Get a free copy of his new book The Happy Hustle 10 Alignments to Avoid Burnout Achieve Blissful Balance https www thehappyhustlebook com Sign up for The Journey 10 Days To Become a Happy Hustler Online Course http www thehappyhustle com Journey Apply to the Montana Mastermind Epic Camping Adventure https caryjack com montana It s time to Happy Hustle a blissfully balanced life you love full of passion purpose and positive impact Episode sponsor BIOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough https magbreakthrough com vip gl 65132c943f5d60f00f8b4567 coupon hustle This stuff is a game-changer Magnesium Breakthrough packs all 7 forms of magnesium designed to support stress management promote muscle relaxation regulate the nervous system control stress hormones boost brain function increase energy and enhance sleep I take 2 capsules before bedtime and it s been a game-changer for me The best part is BIOptimizers offer a risk-free 365-day money-back guarantee No results no problem they ll refund you no questions asked It s a win-win Head over to magnesiumbreakthrough com hustle and use code hustle for an exclusive 10 discount on any order Plus for a limited time you ll score some special gifts with your purchase Click here to visit this podcast episode

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